Durafix Recycled

Durafix Recycled Durafix Recycled


DURAK Durafix Recycled is a thread made from 100% recycled polyester suitable for many sectors. It is available in four sizes and 300 colours. Without affecting sewability Durafix Recycled offers all the characteristics of a normal sewing thread. In addition to its environmentally friendly characteristics it also impresses with ideal wear resistance and tensile strength. It gives a perfect seam even under the most difficult production circumstances. DURAK Durafix Recycled threads increase colour harmony and sewing quality increasing at the same time production efficiency.


  • Leather goods  
  • Mattress and quilting sectors
  • Denim  
  • Tents/awnings
  • Sportswear        
  • Shoes
  • Home textiles
  • Decorative seams
  • Home interiors

Products Advantages

  • Environmentally friendly
  • High tensile strength
  • High colour fastness
  • High abrasion and bleach fastness
  • Excellent results on high speed sewing machines
  • Bright, shint colours
  • Reliable sewing
  • Reduction of seam breaks and improved efficiency
  • Improved product quality after sewing
  • Ökotex standard 100 class 1
  • Vegan
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