Cut Safe

Cut Safe Cut Safe Cut Safe Cut Safe


DURAK Cut Safe is a thread with very high cut resistance and is manufactured from various combinations of UHMWPE, glass fibre and Elastin. Main applications are for protective work wear. Cut Safe is a fine thread which can be produced in various tickets and colours according to customer requirements; it is very abrasion resistant. Cut Safe threads fulfil the standard specifications of EN 388 and TDM-100 and because of their high tensile strength and cut resistance, especially for Cut-3 and Cut-5, give reassurance in industrial uses. With DURAK Cut Safe you will be able to increase product efficiency and improve the quality of your end product.


  • Cut fast protective shoes            
  • Cut fast workwear
  • Cut fast gloves


  • High cut resistance especially Cut-3 and Cut-5
  • High resistance against deterioration and high tensile strength
  • Excellent performance on high speed machines
  • Vegan
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