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DURAK Duma is a centreless pre-wound under- bobbin made from strong continuous polyester filament available in various tickets and sizes.Thanks to careful selection of raw materials and the use of unique lubrication methods the product keeps exact tension from beginning to end.The precise winding method keeps variation in length to under 1°/« so that these bobbins can be changed at precisely the same time thus limiting waste.The combination of yarn structure and unique manufacturing process DURAK Duma offers the highest efficiency during use.These characteristics make them the first choice for manufacturers who are looking for excellent sewing quality and who want to increase the manufacturing efficiency significantly.


  • Home textiles
  • Underwear
  • Automotive
  • Mattress and quailting
  • Coat
  • Embroidery



Product Advantages

  • Anti-collapse winding technology
  • Constant tension from beginning to end, thanks to immobile thread milking
  • Superior sewing performance in the most difficult conditions thanks to the special lubricant
  • Product quality improvement after sewing
  • Minimum waste amount
  • Less coil changes
  • About 10% increase in production efficiency
  • Rich color options
  • Up to 3 times more yarn capacity due to yarn in the center
  • Oeko-Tex Standard -100, class 1 certificate
  • Environmentally friendly, waste-free product
  • Very precise winding
  • Standard sizes of bobbins
  • Superior sewing under difficult circumstances
  • Vegan
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