Durabond P UV

Durabond P UV Durabond P UV Durabond P UV Durabond P UV Durabond P UV


DURAK Durabond P UV is a thread made from 100% continuous polyester fibre where single threads are glued together using the bonding method with environmentally friendly production methods. Here too the UV resistant properties are added at the end. These give the thread protection against the negative effects of loss of strength and abrasion, bleaching etc. caused by UV rays. DURABOND P UV minimises these negative occurrences which can also be called UV destruction. It is an excellent thread with high abrasion resistance at high speed sewing.


  • Automotive industry      
  • Outdoor textiles
  • Tents/tarpaulins/awnings           
  • Home interiors

Products Advantages

  • High abrasion and wear resistance
  • Possible to use at high speed
  • Correct sewing tension prevents water getting into the stitching holes
  • High thread quality : strength and evenness
  • Maximum work output and efficiency
  • Minimises UV destruction
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