Durabond P WR

Durabond P WR Durabond P WR Durabond P WR Durabond P WR


DURAK Durabond P WR is a water resistant thread produced in an environmentally friendly process from 100% continuous polyester fibres where the single threads are glued together in a bonding method. It has special finish that offers a high degree of water resistance. It is therefore the correct choice in the production of outdoor products, shoes and related articles. A PFC- free ,water resistant finish ensures that the thread absorbs no water. The correct thread tension prevents water from entering the stitching holes.


  • Safety shoes and boots
  • Raincoats and other coats
  • Fashion shoes
  • Furniture
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Leather Products

Products Advantages

  • High thread quality
  • Very good wear and tensile properties
  • Very good performance on high speed machines
  • Maximum workload and efficiency
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