Durafix UV

Durafix UV Durafix UV Durafix UV


DURAK Durafix UV is a thread made from 100% continuous polyester fibre with the additional characteristic of being UV resistant. This means it is protected against the negative impacts of loss of tensile strength, abrasion and bleaching etc. caused by UV rays. Durafix UV will minimise these   effects called UV destruction. It is an excellent thread with high abrasion resistance at high speed sewing. With its high tensile strength, the glowing colours, broad ticket range and excellent performance DURAK Durafix UV is suitable for almost all sectors.


  • Automotive industry      
  • Outdoor textiles
  • Tents/tarpaulins/awnings           
  • Home interiors

Products Advantages

  • Minimises UV destruction and bleaching
  • High strength
  • Superior and faultless seaming
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