Duraflex Duraflex Duraflex


DURAK Duraflex gives the required seam elasticity with stitches that require flexible properties especially with around the neck and around arms and legs. Seam breaks during stretching can therefore be avoided. In addition Durafix provides good extension and retraction on straight stitching and because of 9tich flexibility it has less thread usage compared normal chain stitch operations. When using step stitch however twice as much elasticity is achieved. As Duraflex can be used both as top and bottom thread the seam will have maximum elasticity. Chain stitching with DURAK Duraflex provides added quality and comfort in the manufacture of sports and swimwear.


  • Under garments and Lingerie    
  • Home textiles
  • Swimwear                        
  • Sportswear
  • All seams needing flexibility

Product advantages

  • Natural appearance and reliable seams
  • High seam elasticity
  • High seam strenght
  • High heat resistance
  • High abrasion and bleach fastness
  • Superior sewing under difficult circumstances with special lubrication
  • Reduction of seam breaks, increased efficiency
  • Improved garment quality after sewing
  • Ökotex Standard 100-1
  • Vegan
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