Textiles are safer and healthier with Durak Bug Safe thread

Durak Tekstil, manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, eliminates the problem of insects and flies in many applications, especially in bed and home textile products, with the Bug Safe thread it has developed. Bug Safe thread, free of any chemicals harmful to humans and the environment in addition to its protective feature against insects, contributes to the protection of the ecosystem and the environment by repelling these creatures instead of killing them.

Almost invisible to the naked eye, these insects and pests need moist and warm environments to live and reproduce. Organic particles such as human and pet skin residues and food crumbs penetrate the inner layers of furniture, carpets, bedding and even toys, creating a favourable environment for these creatures. Durak Tekstil has developed the Durak Bug Safe thread with intensive R&D studies to keep invisibly small creatures such as mosquitoes, bed bugs and mites, which are risky for health and comfort, away from textile products and usage areas. This new solution, free of prohibited permethrin chemicals, prevents the settlement and reproduction of these creatures in textile products, especially in seam areas. Durak Bug Safe thread, with a special and natural odour component, has proven its success in various textile applications such as bedding, furniture, carpets and curtains with its insect-repellent feature. Developed primarily for sewing purposes, the thread can also be preferred for mosquito-repellent embroidery applications.


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