Durak Fire Safe M-Aramid


DURAK Fire Safe M-Aramid is a fire resistant sewing thread made from 100°/« staple Meta Aramid raw material. It offers heat resistance up to 370 degrees C. Fire Safe M-Aramid is available in 3 tickets Tex 26,Tex 40 and Tex 70 and in 28 colours. Special processes during manufacture ,even structure and optimal hairiness give perfect appearance. Ticket 26 was developed specially for  embroidery  where fire resistant  properties are required. With DURAK Fire Safe M-Aramid you will increase product efficiency and the quality of your end products.


  • Flame resistant protective wear              
  • Workwear and uniforms
  • Heating insulation          
  • lndustrial protective gloves
  • Flame resistant embroideries
  • Safety shoes
  • Filters

Product Advantages

  • Flame resistant characteristics even after washing
  • Very high heat resistance and excellent performance on embroidery machines
  • Guarantee excellent resistance to flames, heat and electrical sparks
  • Perfectly even seam
  • Dissolves at 370 degress C and is extinguished when flame is removed
  • Low UV resistance. Loss of colour and strength with long exposure to sun light
  • Meta-Aramid should not be exposed to UV-rays
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