Durak Reflective


DURAK Reflective is a sewing and embroidery thread that has been developed specially in order to be highly reflective in low level light. lt is the ideal thread for manufacturers that want to show the decorative reflective properties of their goods. DURAK Reflective is used mainly in fashion garments  but also in other sectors. Apart from its  highly  reflective properties increasing  visibility  at night or in  difficult  weather  conditions  this  thread  also has high strength and abrasion properties. In daylight it appears silver but in the dark it appears white.


  • Sportswear
  • Decorative seams
  • All sectors that require reflective Effects Deco-embroidery
  • Workwear

Product advantages

  • Highly reflective properties
  • Silver in daylight, reflective white in the dark
  • Perfect sewing and embroidery appearance due to special end finishing process.


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