Duralon Duralon Duralon Duralon


DURAK Duralon is a strong nylon thread made from Nylon 6.6 filament yarn, available in sizes Tex 35 to Tex 600 and used in many and various manufacturing sectors. Its advantage is a higher elasticity compared with normal nylon threads. Its fibres also have less humidity than others and is approx. 4°/». For this reason they dry quicker after wet. With DURAX Duralon you can increase your production efficiency and at the same time improve colour harmony and the quality of your product.


  • Shoes   
  • Tents
  • Leather goods  
  • Awnings
  • Bags     
  • Belts
  • Technical textiles           
  • Parachutes
  • Upholstery        
  • Automotive
  • Mattresses



Products Advantages

  • High pilling and abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
  • High resistance to force and knocks
  • Higher elasticity than normal nylon threads
  • High extension values
  • Reduction of seam breaks and increase in efficiency
  • Improved product after sewing
  • Prevents puckering and gives a neat seam
  • Ökotex standard 100, class 1-certificate


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