Duralon OS

Duralon OS Duralon OS Duralon OS


DURAK Duralon OS is a strong Nylon 6.6 sewing thread produced for the most extreme uses. During the end finishing process a controlled amount of lubricant is applied free from substances like silicone, fat, graphite, wax or paraffin. Compared to other threads it has a high degree of elasticity. It excels in high performance especially in important areas like the automotive and filter industries.


  • Automotive industry                            
  • Safety workwear
  • Production of filters                            
  • Other associated uses



Product Advantages

  • High seam elasticity
  • Maximal work efficiency
  • Very high resistance against wear and abrasion
  • Free of substances like silicone, fat, graphite, wax and paraffin
  • Very good performance even at high speeds
  • High tensile strength
  • Birght, vivid colours


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