Duratex Multicolor

Duratex Multicolor


DURAK Duratex Multicolor is an multi coloured thread made from 100% texturised polyester. lt can be produced in up to four colours. This attractive multi coloured effect gives clothing a most attractive appearance. With its bulky structure, high elasticity and low shrinkage DURAK Duratex Multicolor gives exceptional sewability, especially as overlock thread or whenever seams need volume and flexibility.


  • Swimwear
  • Home textiles
  • Sportswear
  • Industrial embroiderers
  • Shirts
  • Children’s wear
  • T-shirts


Product Advantages

  • Voluminous and flexible seams
  • high extension and cover
  • No shrinkage after washing
  • Colour fastness is guaranteed even after most intense washes
  • Ideal for use on denims because of good washing characteristics
  • Voluminous bulging appearance on overlocking
  • Up to four colour contrast possible


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