Duravis Duravis Duravis Duravis


DURAK Duravis is an excellent continuous filament viscose embroidery thread specially for large industrial embroiderers. It is made from strong rayon and gives superb results on high speed embroidery machines. Using Duravis you will achieve the highest quality standards in embroidery. Apart from brilliant and lively colours its soft structure means perfectly smooth patterns. Because of its special characteristics Duravis is soft, strong and provides exceptional quality. Manufactured under supervision of experts and using modern production technology Duravis gives you all the advantages expected from an excellent embroidery thread. DURAK Duravis will improve colour harmony and quality of your embroidery products whilst also increasing your production efficiency.


  • Industrial embroidery   
  • Underwear and Lingerie
  • Ladies wear

Products Advantages

  • A range of 80 colours
  • lively, brilliant colours and soft texture
  • Perfectly smooth appearance of the design
  • Especially strong


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