Mekik Mekik


DURAK Mekik is a strong sewing  and embroidery  thread made from cut staple polyester.It is used mainly as an under- thread for embroidery but can also be used as an under- thread for straight and overlock stitching.Mekik is available in two counts Tkt.150(Nm 60/2) and Tkt.200(nm 80/2) with a shade card of 300 colours.DURAK Mekik is Nr.1 choice for those producers who want to improve product quality with economical solutions and who want to increase production efficiency with sewing quality and colour harmony.


  • Embroidery under thread
  • Overlock
  • Under- thread for ordinary sewing

Product Advantages

  • natural Iook, efficient seams
  • high seam strength
  • high heat resistance
  • high abrasion and bleach resistance
  • superior sewing performance in most difficult conditions using special lubricants
  • reduction of seam breaks leading to improved efficiency
  • improved product quality after sewing
  • prevents seam folds and gives good seam appearance
  • Öko-Teks Standard 100-1
  • Vegan
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