Poly-jet CFR

Poly-jet CFR Poly-jet CFR Poly-jet CFR


DURAK Poly-Jet CFR is a 100% polyester staple fibre thread to which a flame protective solution is added. This chemical flame retardant finishing method covers the surface of the threads according to international norms and quality standards. Even after 20 washes its properties are kept according to NFPA 701. They melt and self-extinguish once removed from the source of the flame. Even at very high speeds excellent seams are achieved. With this special finishing process, even structure and optimal hairiness excellent sewing is guaranteed on any type of fabric.


  • Safety workwear 
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Decoration products              
  • Home textiles


Product Advantages

  • Flame retardant structure
  • Faultless superior sewability
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