Poly-Jet Multicolor


DURAK Poly-Jet Multicolor is a sewing thread made from 100% polyester staple fibre. In order to give this thread an attractive multi coloured effect it can be produced in up to four colour choices. It definitely gives garments a special look. Because of its unique finishing process, its even structure and optimal hairiness we guarantee exceptional appearance on every surface. Special finishing process gives smooth and elegant seams. With DURAK Poly-Jet Multicolor you will have the best results even at highest speeds thanks to its high strength and elastic properties.


  • Underwear and Lingerie             
  • Swimwear
  • Sportswear                      
  • Workwear
  • Home interiors 
  • Home textiles
  • Under thread


Product Advantages

  • Special results because of unique finishing process
  • Gives a special appearance to your product
  • Up to four colour choices
  • High strength and extension make possible excellent at high speed sewing
  • Special structur protects colours and prevents wear during washing and against abrasion
  • Natural looking reliable thread


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