Poly-Strong (PCC)


DURAK Poly-Strong PC is a Poly-cotton core thread. Because of their high strength and structural features Poly-cotton core threads are excellent threads providing optimal seams. Available are six different ticket numbers.

Whilst the multi-filament core provides excellent strength, the cotton cover protects it from needle heat and during ironing processes.

The unique physical properties of DURAK Poly-Strong  PC give it  high seam strength and an extremely smooth seam appearance even when using the finest ticket number. These threads are the best solution for preventing puckering especially in very fine seams. They have high abrasion resistance and protect structure even at high wash temperatures.

When washing jeans, Poly-cotton threads have their own characteristics in that they keep their colour even after washing.

With DURAK Poly-Strong PC you will increase productivity rate ,improving at the same time colour harmony and seam quality of the garment.


  • Ladies and Menswear           
  • Jeans
  • Workwear  
  • Home  textiles
  • Under garments and Lingerie                          
  • Leather garments
  • Leather goods         
  • Sports and outdoor
  • Swimwear  
  • Home interiors
  • Mattress and Quilting           
  • Denim clothing
  • Furniture
  • Shirt
  • Suit
  • Women's dresses
  • Sportswear
  • Shoes


Product Advantages

  • Natural appearance and reliable seams
  • excellent sewability even on difficult fabrics
  • Heat production due to cotton cover
  • High seam strength
  • High abrasion and heat resistance
  • Reduction of seam breaks and improved efficiency
  • Improved product quality after sewing
  • prevents puckering and gives fine seams
  • Okotex Standard 100-1
  • Vegan


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