Poly-Strong (PPC)


DURAK Poly-Strong PP is a strong 100% Polyester core thread with size variation from Tex 150 to 14 and a choice of 480 colours. Its special finishing process gives it an even structure improving the sewability of the various ticket numbers for a variety of fabrics including fine and thick denims, with excellent seam appearance on the surface of the material. DURAK Poly-Strong PP threads improve colour matching and seam quality which in turn increase productive efficiency.


  • Denim  
  • Workwear
  • Ladies and Menswear
  • Leather garments
  • Undergarments and lingerie                     
  • Home interiors
  • Home textiles                                
  • Swimwear
  • Mattresses and Quilting
  • Shoes


Product Advantages

  • natural look and efficient seams
  • high seam strength
  • high heat resistance
  • high abrasion and bleach resistance
  • superior sewing performance in most difficult conditions using special lubricants
  • reduction of seam breaks leading to improved efficiency
  • Improved product quality after sewing
  • Prevents seam folds and gives good  seam appearanca
  • Öko-Tex standard 100, Category 1-certification
  • Vegan
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