Poly-Strong (PPC) OS


DURAK Poly-Strong PP OS is a universal sewing thread made from a 100% polyester core covered with polyester During the end finishing process a controlled amount of lubricant is applied free from substances like silicone, fat, graphite, wax or paraffin. It excels in high performance especially in important areas like the automotive and filter industries. DURAK Poly-Strong PP OS gives perfect seam appearance with its regular structure and optimal hairiness.


  • Automotive industry      
  • Clothing and gloves for dyeing and paint spraying
  • Filters(Dyeing and spraying)                     
  • Other associated items in Dyehouses and paint shops

Product Advantages

  • High strength because of its structure
  • Excellent performance on every surface
  • Natural look and reliable thread
  • Free of substances like silicone, fat, graphite, wax and paraffin


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