Poly-Strong (PPC) WR

Poly-Strong (PPC) WR Poly-Strong (PPC) WR


DURAK Poly-Strong PP WR is a strong water repellent thread made from 100 % polyester. It has special lubrication giving it a high degree of water resistance, 7his thread then is the perfect choice for outdoor products, shoes and items that need such protection. A PFC free, water resistant finishing agent ensures that thread absorbs no water. Correct tension also prevents water entering the stitching holes. Its high strength and optimal extension give shoes for example smooth and attractive seams.


  • Leather goods  
  • Home interiors
  • Safety shoes and boots
  • Safety garments
  • Rainwear
  • Coats
  • Fashion shoes


Product Advantages

  • With correct tension water is prevented from entering the stitches Natural look and dependable seams
  • smooth sewing thanks to special lubricant
  • IeaI thread for denim because of special wash properties
  • ecause of the high strength of the polyester core even fine threads giva attractive and ong seams on fine fabrics


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