DURAK Softex is a strong sewing thread made from texturised micro fibres used in many types of sewing.It is available in tickets 140 and 160 and 450 colours can be chosen from the Poly-Strong shade card.The main characteristics of this thread using micro fibre raw materials are bulkiness,high elasticity and low shrinkage.It is used mainly for seams needing voIume,softness and flexibility.Excellent results are achieved as under-thread in overlocking and straight stitching..With DURAK Softex production efficiency can be increased as well as improving colour harmony and product quality.


  • Swimwear         
  • Workwear
  • Sports and outdoor clothing      
  • Under garments and Lingerie
  • Home textiles                  
  • Home interiors
  • Overlocking       
  • Under thread


Product Advantages

  • Soft and gentle because of micro fibres
  • Bulky and efficient seam
  • High seam strength
  • High heat resistance
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