Vardola Vardola Vardola


DURAK Vardola is a braided polyester sewing thread. As opposed to normal threads it is not twisted but braided. This means its use is different to normal twisted threads. Vardola threads, with their special optical effect, often offer very creative and decorative sewing solutions. They are produced by three different methods and in three sizes. Versions “lubricated” and “semi-waxed” can be used on normal sewing machines. The “waxed” version only for hand sewing. Standard sizes are 0,8 - 1,0 - 1,2mm. With DURAK Vardola threads you are able to increase colour harmony and production efficiency quite considerably.


  • High tensile strength characteristics
  • High abrasion and bleach resistance
  • Excellent sewing performance under harshest conditions
  • Decorative effects
  • Offers high added value for the end product


Product Advantages

  • Shoes   
  • Bags
  • Luggage             
  • All decorative seams for the automotive sector
  • Upholstered furniture                  
  • Decorative sewing on leather goods


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