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The article DURAK  Visco is  a high quality  viscose thread for  your quilting needs. Because of its natural structure and bright, vivid  colours  Visco is the perfect alternative  for  soft, gentle embroidery patterns, especially where they touch the skin. In order to achieve different embroidery motifs on differing surfaces there are 5 different thread sizes available with 480 colours. With the use of special  lubrication  during manufacture  and  because  of the uniform structure of the raw material we can guarantee improvement in machine and embroidery performance. With DURAK Visco you will improve production efficiency  with fewer breaks and enhance colour harmony and embroidery quality of your product.


  • Home textiles
  • Caps
  • Shirts
  • Garments
  • Under garments and Lingerie
  • Leather goods

Product Advantages

  • High tensile strength
  • Broad colour palette
  • Bright colours, high colour fastness
  • High resistance to sunlight
  • Excellent results on high performance embroidery machines
  • Reduction of breaks and increased productivity
  • Improved prduct quality after embroidering
  • Öko-tex Standard 100 Class 1
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