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Operating as a manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads in Turkey and international markets, Durak Tekstil is an indispensable supplier of shoe manufacturers. With nearly 50 years of knowledge, the company develops special products for international and local markets and offers solutions suitable for various requirements. The company serves all over the world with its international sales network. Durak Shoe Group offers excellent alternatives at every stage of shoe production with regards to threads, their various thicknesses, wide color ranges and technical application features.

All Durak products are manufactured at the global industry standards and have the necessary certificates.

Our company is able to meet the special requirements of our valued customers with water repellent, anti-static, late igniting, anti-bacterial, silicone-free, finished products suitable for outdoor use without any change in color and product quality with various applications that can be applied to our products.

Our goal is to produce the solution we need for our valued business partners by using the international knowledge we have and the arts of science production capabilities we have, in anywhere of the world.

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